Applying Segmentation to Boost Sales

Strengths based segmentation works every time.

Had a great conversation with a small business owner this week who has seen his top sales rep have a 50% increase in gross revenue this month.

My first question was “Wow, what happened?”

“It worked!” He said, with an ear to ear smile.

By “it” I learned he meant segmentation. He finally started applying techniques he’s been talking about for months – aligning strengths with duties, letting his best sales people spend more time selling, and letting non-sales people do more non-sales activities.

Having the resources to delegate service work to non sales staff is essential. There are certainly sales opportunities in so e service work, and there needs to be accountability on the service staff to identify those and quickly hand those off to sales staff OR sell it themselves.

So why did it take months to implement the segmentation? It’s easier to talk about change than implement change.

But all it takes is a spark…

That moment when status quo is no longer good enough. When complacency is recognized as the enemy of growth…

When you reconnect with the hopes and dreams you had when you started your business…

When you can objectively align the strengths and weaknesses of your team and your systems to streamline the income opportunities every minute every day.



About Frank

Consultant to small business owner/operators who want to grow their income, improve their efficiency, and implement successful systems to maximize productivity.
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