The Big E’s: Effort, Energy, and Enthusiasm

While the systems that run your small business are critical to your success and the staffing and personnel are essential to any sustained success, there will still be new and unique challenges that will try slow your productivity, or even threaten your livelihood. All the systems in the world may not be able to overcome the onslaught of wrenches that will find their way into even the most well-oiled of small business machines.

This is when it all falls back on the small business owner. How the business owner fuels the business is through a series of characteristics that define the viability of the enterprise. The effort, energy, and enthusiasm that you bring into your business will ultimately determine the potential for the long term success of your business. Wow, talk about some pressure!

While having effort is important, you can’t sustain the effort without sufficient energy.

And energy is great too, but without the enthusiasm it will often be short lived and without any followers supporting you.

And enthusiasm is awesome too, but without effort, it becomes an empty smile, without energy it becomes just another project that will fade in a short amount of time.

The three E’s stand side by side with the best entrepreneurs – arming themselves, their business, and their teams against every foe – internal and external.

Effort is the foundation, providing the backbone and setting the standard for the business. Effort is reflected in the core values of the business, the guiding principles, and setting the tone for every employee is the business.

Energy sustains the effort. Being present in the business and being the coach to the rising stars in the business. Energy becomes contagious and defines the culture for the business.

Enthusiasm ties it all together. The enthusiastic leader inspires enthusiasm! Natural enthusiasm inspires motived employees, creates a supportive environment, and makes the “job” more of a “vocation” for the long term.

The Big E's


About Frank

Consultant to small business owner/operators who want to grow their income, improve their efficiency, and implement successful systems to maximize productivity.
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