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Why “Win-Win” Negotiations Means That You Lose: ‘Start With No’ by Jim Camp

You plan to renegotiate a lease, or a contract with a vendor, or any number of the day to day negotiations that happen in your small business and your personal life. A prevailing thought process is to plan for the … Continue reading

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Do You Need A ‘Band Aid’ Solution?

I’ve often used the phrase “Band Aid solution” to referrer to something as “temporary” or “simple minded”… In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell makes a great point with: “A critic looking at these tightly focused, targeted interventions might … Continue reading

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So Why Am I Micro-Managing My People?

I often see small business owners who get confused about being “engaged” in their business with being a “micromanager.” “I’m NOT a micromanager, and that’s a big reason I wanted out of the corporate world and into my own business” … Continue reading

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Are Resume “Objectives” Obsolete? Maybe!

I find myself falling into the same pattern of habits that I counsel small business owners of breaking… So often I end up doing something a certain way simply because I’ve always done that something that way. When I am … Continue reading

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