Are Resume “Objectives” Obsolete? Maybe!

I find myself falling into the same pattern of habits that I counsel small business owners of breaking… So often I end up doing something a certain way simply because I’ve always done that something that way. When I am called out on it, I’m often somewhat defensive and taken aback as to whatever reason I use to justify an old and unproductive habit. Only afterwards do I see the habit for what it is – unproductive and obsolete.

I found this to be the case with my resume. (Side note – a friendly reminder that the best time to update your resume is NOT when you are looking for a job, but when you are stable and under no pressure to have a beautiful resume!) More than one recruiter has now told me to “take out that ‘Objective’ section” because it’s a waste of space on your one page resume.

What? I’ve always had an Objective! Everyone has an Objective section! How will the reader know why they have the resume?!?!

Employers and recruiters understand your Objective – it’s to get the job you are applying for. Duh!
Save some space on your resume, drop the Objective but include a rocking cover letter to explain your application and interests.


About Frank

Consultant to small business owner/operators who want to grow their income, improve their efficiency, and implement successful systems to maximize productivity.
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