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So Why Am I Micro-Managing My People?

I often see small business owners who get confused about being “engaged” in their business with being a “micromanager.” “I’m NOT a micromanager, and that’s a big reason I wanted out of the corporate world and into my own business” … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From A Great Small Business Owner

This past week the world lost a great man. A patriot, father, husband, Christian, and a small business owner. He was many things to many people, but he was so much to so many because of what he was able … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Cold Calling and Why It Matters

In his blog http://www.agsalesworks.com/Blog-Sales-Prospecting-Perspectives/bid/82557/Cold-Calling-Sucks-So-Have-Some-Fun-With-It Chris Lang hit on the pain of cold calling… And because of the mental anguish of cold calling – on both the caller and the called – it is often made less effective, and therefore returning … Continue reading

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